With the goal of motivating teenagers to be physically active, our team delved deep into gaining information about our users. Through a series of interviews and user flows we gathered that one of the main reasons for the lack of motivation was a increase in apathy and the lack of time to commit to a full term or difficult workout routine. Through this research, we landed on the idea of creating an AR mini game paired with a phone. The app would host the monthly launch of a new mini game—eliminating the worry of boredom and repetition which was seen with some other games that did not retain success. All you need to play would come in a kit hosted by the high school gym class. Inside the kit would come with AR goggles, motion tracking wristbands, and a link to download the free app. Now, working out can be fun, interactive, and community-building with Recess!

View our trailer here!

Teammates: Devon Wolfe & Baillie Wiebers
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