Kansas City’s Big Picnic

Every year the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art has a city wide event called the “Big Picnic” that is hosted on their lawn. KCAI student were tasked with the challenge of creating a cohesive brand identity, program, children’s activity and theme. Kelsey Mack, Jenna Schwartze, and I proposed the theme of connecting the city through art. Through the art of the Donald J. Hall Sculpture Park, families can connect with one another and their surrounding community. The geometric shape patterning that imitates the basic forms of the sculptures paired with a bright color palette brings attention to the fun of summer. 

whimsical and fun

Kansas City’s Big Picnic is a a celebration of community.

mood boards we created to help solidify our vision

children’s activity

the children’s activity involved piecing together geometric shapes
to create their own abstract sculptures

design elements

a set of icons I illustrated to be used throughout the brand

Museo was an existing typeface that we were given to use for the brand. We chose to take a lot of risks with our typeface choices and experimented with a strange arrangement of the mix within our brand.  The diversity in the type reflected the diversity in the community and the art that we wanted to call attention to at The Big Picnic celebration.

media assets

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